Trianon Theatre
New Orleans, Louisiana

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Opened: January 15, 1912
494 seats



The Trianon keeps its patrons cool with a battery of fans.

Down front is Moller opus 1932:  a 2 manual, 9 rank organ with player piano console.
It cost $3750 when installed in 1915.




A Handsome Motion Picture Theater at New Orleans Built by Josiah Pearce & Sons.

Click for a closer look  As the accompanying illustrations will show, the Trianon Theater at New Orleans, La., of which Messrs. Josiah Pearce & Sons are the managers and proprietors, is a very fine motion picture theater. The decorative plaster work on the walls and ceiling can easily be seen to be work done by a master hand, and the mural decorations in the lunates near the top of the side walls were painted by Drysdale, a local artist, and are symbolic of various scenes in Louisiana. The mural decorations over the screen were painted by Thomas of New York, the subject of which is "Music".

  The lobby of the Trianon is very pretty indeed as the photograph will attest. It is well illuminated by the many lights and the indirect lighting system is used throughout. This house has a seating capacity of 494 persons. A five-piece orchestra furnishes the musical accompaniment to the three reels of first-run pictures which constitute a show, and for which a price of ten cents is charged.

Moving Picture World, November 5, 1912

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