Loew's State Theatre

1108 Canal Street
New Orleans, Louisiana
Opened: April, 1926

  Loew's State theatre, New Orleans, in 1930.  Catch 'The Rogue Song' before it becomes a lost film  



One of the most unlikely of involvements, given the Saenger organization's close relationship with Publix & Paramount, was Saenger ownership of 50% of the Loew's State Theatre in New Orleans.

Since the Loew's State was to be constructed across Canal Street from the planned New Orleans Saenger Theatre, hedging the bet was probably a good idea.

Canal Realty & Improvement (of which Saenger owned 50%) leased the land for a period of 50 years.



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Ada Rives, one of the house organists at the Loew's State, in a promotional photograph.


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Organist Ed Larmann rehearses at the 3 manual, 13 rank Robert Morton organ. Mr. Larmann later became the organist at the Kress store on Canal Street, playing the Aeolian organ installed in the balcony.

The specification of the Loew's State Robert Morton was similar to a 3/13 Wurlitzer (including horses hooves); some preferred its sound to that of the more-classical New Orleans Saenger Theatre organ.

The Loew's organ fell into disuse by about 1932, & the console was later damaged in a flood. Dr. Barry Henry visited the organ's chambers around 1975, & found that many of the pipes had been trampled flat. The organ was later broken up for parts, a large number of which went into the Pensacola Saenger Theatre during the enlargement of its 2 manual, 6 rank Robert Morton organ to the present 4 manual, 23 rank instrument.




A postcard showing Canal Street, New Orleans, about 1930.
The marquee for the Saenger Theatre can be seen at left, the marquee for the Loew's State is at right.
The two towers seen further back are the antenna array for radio station WSMB. WSMB was located in the Maison Blanche department store building, & co-owned by the Saenger Amusement Co. & Maison Blanche.

The photographer was probably run over by a streetcar right after this picture was taken.




Click for a closer look Loew's State theatre, New Orleans, about 1931.
Will Rogers' Ambassodor Bill is on the marquee.



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The Loew's State gets a new vertical sign & marquee in 1940.


Another decade & another marquee: A parade passes in front of the Loew's & a crowd clamoring in the rain for throws in 1966.

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The Loew's State Theatre in New Orleans was later remodeled to create three theatres inside the auditorium. Partitions created two separate underbalcony theatres.




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In the late 1980's, the Brunet Company assumed operation of the theatre.

The building was returned to a single auditorium, and extensive restoration was undertaken. Adjoining commercial spaces were remodeled & connected to the theatre's lobbies, creating a large entertainment complex.

As the State Palace Theatre, it was a filming location for the network program “ Live with Regis & Kathy Lee”, music videos & movies, as well as hosting movies, dances, & concerts.




Audience begins to arrive for the classic movie series at the State Palace



Thanks to the Brunet Company & Barry Henry for photos & information.  Looking over New Orleans from the deck at the State Palace during Club Night  

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