Palace Theatre
Kingston, Jamaica

The Palace outdoor theatre



  Looking towards the screen, showing the two band stands, one on either side, where orchestras would play mood music for silent pictures. Artistes would also assemble in the band stands for stage shows. The wooden chairs in the foreground were "Box Seats" with cushions which could be reserved by telephone & were a little more expensive. They are situated in the Balcony section. The two zinc sheet rooftops, on either side of the palm tree, are entrances to the seating section. This photograph was taken prior to the year 1943.  




In the l920's, it was obvious that the film distribution companies were charging the Palace Company very high prices for their films. Audley Morais contacted Saenger general manager E.V. Richards, & was able to arrange the booking of films at a reasonable charge.

Morais actually gave Richards a large slice of the Palace shares for this service, which Morais eventually bought back from Richards. I am also reliably informed that Paramount Pictures owned about half of the Palace shares, and Paramount in turn, was able to use their influence in buying from other major distributors. The Palace Company was once known as the "Palace Wilcon Saenger Co."




Many thanks to Mr. Lloyd Alberga, previously Manager of the Palace Theatre, & now General Manager of the Palace Amusement Co. in Jamaica, for information & photos of the Palace

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