Paramount Theatre


Capitol Street
Jackson, Mississippi

  Capitol Street & the Paramount in Jackson, 1957  





Saenger's Paramount theatre in Jackson, Miss., has a facade of architectural concrete supporting a porcelain enamelled sign painted white, with red trim. Extending from the free part of the sign is a corrugated iron member, painted white, shaped so as to provide coves for lamps lighting its own "fluted" surfaces.

Channel sign letters contain triple lamping operated on twinkle flasher circuits. The marquee soffit is also the vestibule ceiling and contains Alzak reflectors set flush, each with a 150-watt lamp and a bordering ring of 10-watt lamps. R. W. Neff was the architect, J. T. Knight, Jr., the designing and supervising engineer.



The Paramount in Jackson, Miss., has auditorium illumination provided by a tier of light pockets behind ornamental grillework, and transverse ceiling troughs carrying lumiline lamps in three colors, each on motor-controlled dimmer. These troughs may be relamped from an attic catwalk.

-- Motion Picture Herald, September 17, 1938

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Paramount Theatre, Jackson Mississippi from the Library of Congress American Memory


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