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Jefferson Theatre

Beaumont, Texas


345 Fannin Street
Opened: 1927
Architect: Emile Weil


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The Jefferson Theatre, about 1927.
Vilma Banky & Ronald Colman's
The Magic Flame is showing inside.



Saenger Theatres owned 50% of Texas' Jefferson Amusement Company, which owned & operated the Jefferson Theatre from the time of its construction. The theatre's architect is Emile Weil, & it's very much in his usual vein for a Saenger house of this size. Only a few trim details are different: no cast plaster Saenger 'S' worked into the decoration, & turned or carved wood instead of iron pipe railings around the orchestra pit & elsewhere as was usual in similar Saenger houses.




The Jefferson Theatre, July 2000


The Jefferson Theatre exists in a state of great originality. It has remained in use as a spectacular venue for community theatre & other live entertainment. The theatre's original 3 manual, 8 rank Robert Morton organ was restored by Beaumont resident Floyd Broussard.




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