Saenger Theatres, Inc. no longer exists. The original Saenger organization was absorbed by Paramount/Publix in 1929. Ownership of the Saenger theatres then split farther apart, some remaining with ownership partners in the original theatre, some acquired by Richards-Paramount theatres, & later acquisition by ABC/Paramount & ABC/Midsouth.

The theatres of the Saenger chain were each at some point finally sold to private owners or donated to public institutions.


Many of the theatres remain in existence & in operation.

This web site is a study of the Saenger organization & its theatres. Most of the material belonging to the original Saenger organization is lost. Information here is collected from a variety of sources, mostly fragmentary: ads & reports in contemporary trade publications, stories & advertisements in local newspapers, & some discarded corporate material rescued by Barry Henry of New Orleans. Starting points for investigation & discovery are often provided by information conveyed from a variety of people - most often the theatre organ & movie business people.




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