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             Saenger Theatres, Inc. no longer exists. The original Saenger organization was absorbed by Paramount/Publix in 1929. Ownership of the Saenger theatres then split farther apart, some remaining with ownership partners in the original theatre, some acquired by Richards-Paramount theatres, & later acquisition by ABC/Paramount & ABC/Midsouth.

The theatres of the Saenger chain were each at some point finally sold to private owners or donated to public institutions.


Many of the theatres remain in existence & in operation.

This web site is a study of the Saenger organization & its theatres. Most of the material belonging to the original Saenger organization is lost. Information here is collected from a variety of sources, mostly fragmentary: ads & reports in contemporary trade publications, stories & advertisements in local newspapers, & some discarded corporate material rescued by Barry Henry of New Orleans. Starting points for investigation & discovery are often provided by information conveyed from a variety of people - most often the theatre organ & movie business people.




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Insight Theatre

Insight Theatre is a non profit education theatre program. It was created by the youth of today for the youth of tomorrow. Insight Theatre is a Planned parenthood Ottawa program. Students from all the schools in the city face challange of creating, directing and acting every year in their own shows about sexual and reproductive health.

insight theatre

What is Insight Theatre all about?

Insight Theatre is a sexual health education program created by, for and about youth. Every year, a group of Ottawa-area high school students in grades 9–12 write, direct and act in a theatrical show about sexual and reproductive health and present it to their peers in local schools and community agencies.

What are the main topics in the show?

The goal of Insight Theatre is to create a play about sexual health and sex medicine that will educate the young about its myths and misconceptions. The main topics that are discussed in the show include contraception, unintented pregnancy, STDs, healthy sexual relationships and sexual pleasure. The show is based on the Ontario Ministry of Education guidelines for Health and Physical Education for Grades 7 to 9, and it’s only possible because of the creativity, enthusiasm and talent of our diverse troupe!

Who this show is for? Who should join?

Anyone between the age group of 14-19 years can join. There is no special requirement like ability, race, class or gender. There is also no requirement for writing or directing experience. The Theatre will guide you through the process. If you want to write, act or practice your public speaking skills, or if you care about issues related to sexuality and gender and want to make our community a safer and more informed place for youth, contact us about joining Insight!

What you will learn?

All the members are trained in house about sexual health topics so they can communicate the knowledge about sexual health issues to others. You are taught about the structure, anatomy and physiology of the sexual oprgans. One of the biggest issues in the youth today is lack of confidence about their penis sizes. We help you understand the importance of size, if it really matters or not. Or if you really need treatment for penis enlargement.

Insight Theatre is a woderful learning experience for you boys and girls. It helps you speak about sex and sexual issues in front of others. We know it is hard to express yourself in front of others specially about sexual issues but we promoise you will find it much easier with our training.

If you’re someone who’s interested in the big picture—like, say, women’s rights or how bullying and homophobia affect LGBTTQ students—Insight gives you a safe space to start finding your voice on these issues so that you can be part of the movement for social change. And if you’ve never heard of those things, Insight is the place to start exploring them!

How does it work?

The season is from September to June. We conduct this program every year. Duration of the show is about an hour. Light humour and drama is used to express the message about sexual health issues in young people. The plays are conducted school hours only and our coordinator will get in touch with your school for the special permission.

Who is behind Insight?

Insight is coordinated by the staff of Planned Parenthood Ottawa, who have been offering sex ed in Ottawa for almost 50 years! The program is funded by Ottawa Public Health, and we couldn’t be more grateful for their support.

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